Greyhound injuries, deaths persist after ban announced

PREMIER Mike Baird’s announcement of an impending greyhound ban did nothing to reduce major and fatal injuries at North Coast racing tracks.

Greyhound Racing NSW’s latest racing injury report reveals Tweed Heads and Grafton racetracks had the region’s highest serious injury rate between July 1 and September 30, with 10 incidents per 1000 race starts where dogs were euthanised or incapacitated for more than three weeks.

Between January 1 and September 30, Grafton had a rate of only eight such occurrences, while Tweed Heads counted up seven.

The Casino greyhound track stayed unfaltering at a rate of six noteworthy or deadly wounds per 1000 begins.

Just Lismore’s figures dropped – from five down to zero – in light of the fact that the racecourse did not hold any gatherings amongst July and the end of September.

The report uncovers there were 252 gatherings crosswise over NSW over a similar post-July period, with 5034 canines hustling in 21,004 race begins.

There were 549 wounds of any seriousness to 526 pooches, a rate of 26.1 wounds for every 1000 race begins.

It implied 10.4% of all greyhounds acquired no less than one harm over the three months.

Twenty-four canines crosswise over NSW must be put down and one passed on from its wounds.

Greens MP Mehreen Faruqi hammered the business for neglecting to stem the stream of creature passings and wounds.

“Like clockwork a canine bites the dust or is put down on track subsequent to misery a harm like serious skull or spinal injury and this is the business Premier Baird needs to keep open,” she said.

“Thirty-one out of 33 tracks have recorded passings or real wounds this year.”

A GRNSW representative said recognize much work stayed to counteract wounds.

“Look into authorized by GRNSW and embraced by the University of Technology Sydney on distinguishing ideal greyhound race track plan for canine wellbeing and welfare proceeds with,” he said.

“Furthermore, GRNSW is acquainting a mortality audit handle with look at any conceivable contributing elements to dashing episodes which result in the willful extermination of a greyhound.

“The goal of the mortality survey is to recognize any patterns and address any hazard calculates that are distinguished.

“A circle arm draw acquainted at Richmond with diminish dashing impedance has likewise been in actuality since 1 July 2016.

“Since the presentation of the loop arm bait at Richmond, the rate of major and disastrous wounds recorded at the track has diminished.

“GRNSW is advancing work on acquainting loop arm baits with all tracks in NSW.”

Mr Baird has promised to topple the restriction after a reaction from the group and media.

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