Romo? Petty? Breaking down divergent QB paths awaiting Jets

Here is a depressing statistic for all of you Jets fans that underscores how miserable this team’s quarterback history has been: Ryan Fitzpatrick moved past Geno Smith into eighth place in team history with 6,157 passing yards as a Jet.

Give that drench access for a moment: Fitzpatrick and Smith are two of the 10 best quarterbacks measurably this establishment has had.

Which conveys us to this offseason. The Jets are confronted with another enormous choice to make at quarterback, which has been a truly unfaltering storyline for this group since Joe Namath left town after 1976.

This 2017 quarterback choice for general director Mike Maccagnan sets up like one of those old “Pick Your Own Adventure” kids books. Keep in mind those? Where you were a character and after a couple pages, you were given a couple of alternatives and bounced to page 43 with one choice or page 52 with another.

Maccagnan’s choice about what to do at quarterback one year from now can be compressed by a progression of inquiries and what his answers are to them.

Is the quarterback on the present list?

This is the place your enterprise starts. There is around a 1 percent chance Fitzpatrick is back one year from now, so check him off the rundown. Geno Smith is likely gone, as well, however I could see a situation where the Jets choose Smith merits keeping around on the off chance that they don’t care for alternate alternatives out there. I’m not certain Smith would need to remain here, but rather his alternatives will be constrained after knee surgery.


Bowles’ rationale prompts to more Fitzpatrick and more irate Jets fans

Bowles’ rationale prompts to more Fitzpatrick and more irate Jets fans

Indeed, even with Smith a little probability, this is truly about the children. Bryce Petty and Christian Hackenberg are questions now. That is the reason the fanbase is clamoring to see no less than one of them. Mentor Todd Bowles has been hesitant to pull the fitting on 2016 and swing to Petty, yet that is coming. Figure Petty gets no less than four aggregate recreations this season (counting one he officially played). That will give the Jets a smart thought of what they have in him. Hackenberg is probably not going to be seen as a starter in 2017. The 2016 second-round pick is a venture and the Jets know it.

Thus, if Maccagnan answers “no” to this question, he ought to continue to …

Do you get a “star” quarterback to win now?

This truly is about Tony Romo. The Cowboys have discovered their future with Dak Prescott (taken 84 picks after Hackenberg, however that is a story for one more day). Presently, will they exchange Romo in the offseason? The value figures to be a mid-round pick to get Romo, which the Jets ought to surrender on the off chance that they think he is the reply.

On the off chance that you choose to run with Romo, that implies you are taking the plunge in 2017. That likewise implies including other free specialists and attempting to fix up the gaps on this program as opposed to going youthful and deferring the unavoidable reconstruct this group needs to experience.

Outside of Romo, Jay Cutler and Colin Kaepernick would fit this shape and ought to be accessible. I don’t think Cutler would do well in New York. Kaepernick takes a huge amount of away the-field things with him now that he is a dynamic dissident. He additionally has battled in the course of the most recent couple of years, in spite of the fact that he has played better as of late.

On the off chance that Maccagnan answers “no” to this question, he ought to continue to …


Do you sign a “scaffold” quarterback?

On the off chance that the choice is the Jets will reconstruct with more youthful folks, however Petty and Hackenberg are not exactly prepared, this is the approach.

Josh McCown, Brian Hoyer and Mike Glennon all ought to be accessible this offseason. Including one of them could give you an expert starter while you bring Petty or potentially Hackenberg along.

In the event that Maccagnan answers “no” to this question, he ought to continue to …

Do you draft another quarterback?

The Jets have drafted a larger number of quarterbacks than whatever other group since 2006. Do they go down that street once more? This quarterback draft class is viewed as a powerless one, yet in the event that you subscribe to the hypothesis that you continue taking them until you discover one, then the answer is yes.

You have achieved the end of your experience, Mike Maccagnan. On the off chance that you picked carefully, this won’t be a discussion again in 2018. In any case, odds are, we’ll be doing this again one year from now.



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