How To Get Rid Of Headaches in Only 5 Minutes Without Any Pills Or Medications

When it comes to soothing a headache, most people take painkillers. But, there are many studies which have proved that these pills may damage the kidneys and are detrimental for the overall health.

Rather taking pills, you ought to attempt a portion of the option approaches for mitigating the torment.

In today’s article we will expound on pressure point massage and its adequacy in assuaging torment.

Pressure point massage or shiatsu is antiquated type of treatment in which by utilizing the hands, weight is connected to specific focuses on the body. Pressure point massage is type of treatment of Japanese inception and it depends on an indistinguishable standards from needle therapy and reflexology, however it doesn’t require any hardware or therapeutic information.

With a specific end goal to perform pressure point massage you have to sit in comfortable part and after that delicately apply weight and rub the focuses, which are clarified underneath, for 30 seconds to 1 minute. The cerebral pain typically vanishes among 5-10 minutes a while later. Notwithstanding, at times it might take longer.

These are the focuses additionally called pressure point massage considers that you have to animate with a specific end goal to diminish cerebral pains:

Yintang factor

Yintang point likewise is known as the 0.33 eye element and it is situated among the eyebrows on the region, in which the scaffold of the nostril is heading off to the front. By rubbing this point you can likewise ease eye weariness.

Zhu Zan factor

This point is situated at the base of the internal edge of your eyebrows. By applying weight and rubbing this spot you can encounter diminish of the nasal discharge and enhance visual sharpness.

Yingxiang factor

This component is situated on every aspects of the nostrils in the eye top. So as to find this point you ought to discover the dimple under your cheekbones and rub down. This will give you alleviation of cerebral pains, toothache and stress.

Tian Zhu factors

Tian Zhu focuses are situated on the middle piece of the back of the head between the ear and toward the start of your spinal segment. By rubbing and tingly kneading these focuses you can calm cerebral pains and in addition eye and ear torment, nasal blockage and headaches.

Shuai Gu factors


You can discover the Shuai Gu considers around 2-3 cm. from the begin of your hairline around the sanctuaries. These focuses might be lying in little pits so you ought to apply strain to this area and hence diminish your entanglements and eye weakness.

I Gu factors

These focuses are situated among the thumb and pointer at the hand. Delicately knead them and you will encounter help of entanglements, torment, toothache and in addition uneasiness inside the neck muscle tissues.

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