Make Receding Gums Grow Again And Fast With These Natural Methods

Gum recession, or periodontitis, is a condition that damages the soft tissue around the teeth causing the gums to reduce. This makes the teeth more exposed thus vulnerable. This issue is also the cause of the formation of gaps between the teeth which are the perfect breeding area for bacteria. When the tooth is exposed you may also experience more pain and sensitivity. On the long run, this condition can even lead to tooth loss.

This problem is really common and people do not understand fully how serious it is. This is because the problem appears and develops slow, really slow. See your gums with a mirror and you will notice if there Is any change. Sensitivity is first noticed; then another thing is size of the tooth. If the tooth looks bigger than before, the gums are receded. You must take some steps to resolve this. Other signs are:

  • Tooth ache
  • Sensitivity
  • Large tooth look

What makes gums recede?

This is due to a disease of the gums, but also other reasons like:

Periodontal issues

Bacteria attack to the gums may lead to this. It infects and damages the tooth bone and causes other problems too.

Bad hygiene

If teeth are not washed regularly, plaque is created on the teeth edges. This is a hard matter and pushes the gums to recede.

Aggressive hygiene

Do not brush too aggressively otherwise the teeth will be damaged and the gums too.


Hormone issues

This is mostly noticed in women and hormonal imbalance affects the teeth and gums are more sensitive.


Smoking is connected to numerous issues like cancer or lung issues however teeth are truly influenced as well. The smoke is heaping up more and making plaque more than common to the gums.

Grinding/clenching teeth

This damages the oral cavity a lot! If your bites are with force and grinding, the teeth will be more damaged.


Tongue or lip piercings hit against the teeth and further cause oral problems.

Treating the receded gums

In the event that you see this early, the dental practitioner can do his work in the blink of an eye and without any confusions like with root panning and teeth scaling as well. He will expel the plaque off the teeth and clean well the gum edges. In the event that you sit tight for this issue to grow more you may even need a surgery like: lost tissue recovery, tooth bone recovery, unite of the delicate tissue, decrease inside and out and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. To evade surgery, attempt regular and home cures we have for you beneath. All things considered, converse with the dental specialist earlier utilizing any of them on the off chance that your gum issue is truly genuine. On the off chance that the issue is gentle, attempt them immediately and the gums will have returned to ordinary quickly.

How do gums grow back again?

The gum is a soft tissue that keeps roots of teeth covered and shielded and keeps every tooth in place. To remove this problem, have good oral hygiene and try even oil pulling.

DIY home methods for receded gums to grow back

1. Green tea

This tea is truly astounding and solid by and large. It has heaps of cell reinforcements and they battle the terrible free radicals in the body, including the mouth as well. This is better than average to know for periodontal illness. The green tea has catechin, a truly solid cancer prevention agent that slaughters that teeth malady. Likewise the catechin sustains the connection amongst gums and teeth. It battles irritation as well and reduces swellings in the mouth, while it avoids more oral confusions. How it is utilized: have 1 container or mama couple of consistently in the morning.

2. Aloe Vera

This is a known herb for topical use as well as internal. Mostly it is famous for skin care. It fights inflammation, soothes any area and repairs damages. For receded gums, the aloe will fight the inflammation and make the tissue repaired again. Also, it stops future infections to develop and removes bacteria. How is used: you can do this 2 ways with the aloe gel. First, you rinse the mouth with the gel and you brush with it. After you do the floss and brushing, put the aloe gel on the gums and teeth below. The whole thing lasts for 5 minutes. Then, rinse the mouth. The other method is like mouthwash. Brush the teeth and take the gel. Mix the gel with water and gargle every day after the brush.

3. Oil pulling

This is the best cure for gum issues. It is likewise useful for battling oral issues and notwithstanding mending pits the most. It has many advantages and one of them is battling aggravation and lessening plaque, microscopic organisms and poisons. The teeth can be ensured with a layer when utilizing sesame oil and plaque will be expelled as well. How is it utilized: take the sesame oil and warm it up, not very hot however. Brush the teeth and wash with the oil. Swish the oil a bit and begin with a large portion of a moment. Gradually increment to 1 minute lastly with time, you can even achieve 15-20 min.

4. Other oil pulling ways

Try even coconut oil instead sesame. That one lessens risk of infection and gum problems while it heals cavities and decay of teeth. How is used: opt for the organic oil. Brush the teeth and rinse with the oil for 1-2 minutes. With time, increase this and reach 20 minutes. Gums will grow back again and bacteria will not thrive in the mouth.

5. Eucalyptus

This herb s amazing and such oils are great cures. The oil can even be much more effective than the herb itself. The oil of eucalyptus kills germs and bacteria inside the mouth. Also, it creates healthy protection. It fights inflammation and there is no more swollen gums. However, dilute it with water to reduce the strong effect. How is used: you need 1-2 drops of the oil and 1-2 tbsp water. Dilute this ratio and soak the brush inside. Or use the finger to be soaked. Apply this on the gums and massage.

6. Myrrh

Take the myrrh tree tar for this. The sap is best for gum withdrawing handling and it stops this promptly. How is used: take the powder myrrh. If the shape is tar, just make it in powder and pound it. Incorporate water and impact it to like paste. Put this on the gums with rub. It continues going just a few minutes and after that end the methodology with the brush.

7. Clove oil

Another oil famous for oral use. A lot of people are uninformed on this oil and its benefits. This oil attacks the germs and bacteria in the mouth and stops those diseases. It also acts against inflammation and gum swelling. To remove periodontal problems or inflammation, chew one such clove after meals and have bad breath removed too. How is used: massage gums with 2 drops of this oil, 3 times daily. CAUTION: if you take meds for blood clots, talk with your doctor before this method.

8. Lemon

For a homemade lemon oil take ¼ or ½ cup olive oil and ½ or 1 lemon juice. Put the oil in a jar and then add the juice. Cover with lid and shake fast. Wait a few weeks and during this time, shake the jar daily. After those 3-4 weeks, start using this. How it is used: dip the fingers in this and massage the gums a few minutes. Do it tops 2 times per week.

More tips on prevention from gum receding

The best option is to prevent rather than cure when it is too late. Many oral diseases can be prevented in time. Read more below to see some good tips on good oral hygiene.

Keep in mind:

  • Aggressive brushing is causing damage
  • Brush along the gum edges and do not push them
  • Gentle motions and strokes
  • Use small head brush and the bristles must be soft
  • Floss is a must!
  • To have healthy teeth, brush and floss every time after each meal. And , use mouthwash too.

Mouthwash for healthy and clean mouth

Bacteria and germs will no longer be inside the mouth if you use mouthwash. Make it even in your own home if you do not want the store bought. Just get some essential oils and get started.

  • Make a mix of 1-2 drops essential oil and use sage, peppermint or clove, even tea tree oil. Then add ¼ or ½ cup water. Use this daily.
  • Another option is hydrogen peroxide for fighting infections. If this is strong for you, add some water.
  • To use mouthwash is crucial at the end of brushing and cleaning. Also, wash the mouth 2 times per day, in the morning and evening too.

Lots of water!

We know that lots of water is crucial for the health and it is crucial for oral health too.
Each poison is expelled with drinking water. Microscopic organisms and germs are expelled as well and the mouth is left perfect. On the off chance that you can’t brush teeth after each eating, utilize water to wash or push stuck nourishment between teeth, wash and rinse and spit it. Or, on the other hand swallow, any way it is fine.

Healthy diet

Good nutritious food is vital for general health. Also, immunity gets stronger with such food. Then again, unhealthy food makes bacteria grow more in the mouth and cause infections. Eat lots of veggies and fruits mostly with loads of vitamin C since it keeps gums healthy. Eat more oranges, broccoli, pineapples, asparagus and strawberries. Avoid sugars and carb drinks. They make more bacteria. Also reduce and avoid alcohol, processed food, caffeine and white flour.

Talk with a doctor for any needed supplements. If you have lack of healthy foods, expect oral problems. For prevention, always consult doctors and see if you need more vitamins and nutrients. The supplements below are the best for healthy gums:

  • Calcium for healthy bones
  • Coenzyme Q10 for rejuvenating cells and growing back of gums
  • Ginko biloba for better blood flow
  • Vitamin C for great immunity and fighting inflammation
  • Zinc for immunity and fighting bacteria

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