10 Plants That Bring Positive Energy And Good Fortune Into Your Home

Feng Shui is a system of harmonizing yourself with your surrounding environment. This includes arranging the furniture and other objects in your home in a way to allow the positive energy to flow in your home. This way you will feel much happier and fulfilled.
Plants are also an excellent source of positive energy according to Feng Shui and even NASA revealed that some plants can cleanse your home of chemicals and toxins which are dangerous for everyone living in the house.

The following 10 plants will bring positive energy in your home and purify the air you breathe:


I trust the name says everything, Peace Lily, simply articulating it sounds tranquil. This plant kills air poisons and is low upkeep. Place it in some side of your home and appreciate the advantages.


Palms are not just pretty to look at and magnificently enormous, they are extremely efficient in purifying the air of xylene and formaldehyde.


Rosemary smells decent and cleans the quality of poisons too. Simply noticing the plant will expedite a positive vibe and will support your memory also.


The orchid is not just a pretty flower, it’s an overnight oxygen bomb as well, which means it’s ideal to place it in your bedroom. It will absorb all the harmful substances in the air and allow you to have a good night sleep.


This plant is a standout amongst the most well known Feng Shui images. Many trust that in the event that you have this plant in your home it will achieve favorable luck and success and increment your vitality levels too. The fortunate bamboo is a low support plant so on the off chance that you don’t have much time to manage plants this is the perfect decision for you.


Jade or the cash tree should realize riches and success to the home it dwells in. You should simply water it all the time and that’s it.


Ficus is another very popular plant in Feng shui and is believed to have powerful air-purifying properties. Plus it’s also low-maintenance.


On the off chance that we take after the Feng shui standards, the African violet ought to be set in your home’s southeast corner, for monetary riches and success. In case you’re keen on getting wealthier you may think about getting one for your home or office.


Among the most attractive plants, the English ivy, will eliminate the negative energy from your entire home, especially the bedroom. It will also purify the air of toxins and harmful chemicals.


Lemons, tangerines and comparable citrus natural products are an image of wellbeing and thriving, in addition to they smell superb and will fill your home with a lovely fragrance.

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