3 Things That Happen When You Put Your Legs Up Against A Wall Every Day

The Viparita karani is a pose that can be done by everyone. It is especially famous among athletes, runners and dancers which use it to reduce pain and tightness as well as to calm the mind and reduce anxiety. It is also very beneficial for people who are very stressed out. If you feel like there is too much stress in your everyday life, try this pose at the end of the day to restore your energy and to calm your body and mind.

Viparita Karani Variations

There are a few different ways to perform this pose, and whichever you choose depends on your own abilities.

Legs Straight up the Wall Version

Lie on the back with your bum against the divider, or as near the divider as could be allowed, with the legs raised straight up the divider hip separation separated. Don’t hesitate to prop the bum up on a pad, especially in the event that you are pregnant. The bottoms of the feet ought to confront upward toward the roof and the arms ought to be set close to you for adjust. The measure of solidness in the hips decides how near the divider your legs are. Preferably, the will touch the divider, however it may take a while for you to arrive.

Legs in a Wide ā€œVā€ Version

For deeper stretch, do the same as explained above, but insead of keeping the feet hip distance apart, spread the legs into a wide V formation. This will enable you to feel a deeper stretch in the groin area while being gentle at the same time.

Soles Together Version

Turn the knees outward and put the bottoms of the feet together, with the legs squeezed against the divider. This is a significant extraordinary extend, enabling you to encounter the most profound crotch extend from the stance.

Advanced Version

This version requires more mobility and balance. If it`s challenging for you, stay there.

Benefits of Viparita Karani

1. Increases Blood Flow and Decreases Inflammation

This posture builds blood stream and course, especially following a day of sitting or remaining for a broadened timeframe. It decreases swellings also, particularly swelling in the feet, lower legs, and calves.

2. Improves Hamstring Mobility and Reduces Lower Back Pain

This pose stretches out the hamstrings, which often become shortened as a result of sitting at a desk all day, causing lower back pain. By performing this pose, you will relieve the pressure on the lower back, relieve pain, and improve hamstring mobility.

3. Reduces Stress and Stimulates Relaxation

As it lightens agony and builds blood stream, this posture likewise unwinds you. This incitement of the sensory system brings you into a more casual and more settled state. Thus, it additionally initiates rest and enables you to get a better night`s sleep.

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