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There are many people around the world that color their hair. Some do it to follow the latest fashion trends, others because they don’t like their natural color. In fact, more women than men color their hair probably because they want to appear more attractive.

 That is the reason as to why it is more important to take a good care of the health and appearance of their hair. However, little did they know that even though hair coloring is fun and good for their look and physical appearance, still it contains a lot of side effects to you and to your health that most of people need to be aware of in order to prevent this from happening.The signs and symptoms of the damaged that was caused by the coloring of the hair may not always become visible instantaneously. It may actually take up to several days or even weeks after the hair coloring sessions. The damage may become severe and numerous if you have already made a habit of coloring your hair. It may look good, but eventually your hair will suffer from the side effects of what you have done. Due to that reason, we would like to help you by informing and showing you the side effects of coloring your hair more often than the usual.

Here are the side effects of hair coloring:


Regardless of whether you are shading your hair for a few reasons, which incorporates testing, making it a great deal alluring or to conceal the silver hairs that you have, you could be gambling serious hypersensitive responses to it. Truth be told, the head activating impact of hypersensitivities is a substance which is referred to as paraphenylenediamine or likewise called as PPD. The most well-known indications that it has incorporates bothersome scalp, both of redness and swelling in the scalp, mellow measure of dandruff, swelling around the eyes and eyelids, and additionally textured skin around the eyes, nose and even the face.

Brittle hair

If you color your hair more often than the usual, it will get over-processed due to the chemicals that can be found in most of the dyes. These chemicals have the ability to strip moisture from your tresses, as well as separating cuticle scales and making them dry and brittle. As a result, you hair will lose its shine. In addition, at the end of the day you will have to compromise the length of your hair because the best known solution for this is to get rid of the damaged portion of the hair by having a haircut. It is sad to do so, but you have to.

Irritable skin

Many individuals are not educated about this, but rather hair hues may likewise result to skin responses and aggravations. Some regular signs and side effects that it has incorporates copying sensation, redness and flaky skin, and in addition irritation and uneasiness. It has been prescribed for you to complete a fix test for no less than 48 hours before getting your hair hued. Amid the fix test, assumed allergen is being connected and your skin is being inspected following two back to back days with a specific end goal to ensure that there will be no unfavorably susceptible response and skin bothering that is going to happen. Quit utilizing the hair shading at the scarcest trace of any sort of hypersensitive response on your skin. You have to visit a dermatologist if both of swelling and tingling proceeds.


A lot of laboratory experiments have already proven that PPD has the ability to damage the human DNA cells and may even lead to cancer. Nevertheless, whether the small amount of PPD has been found in most of hair dyes are capable of causing such damage has not yet been well-known. As a matter of fact, this has been a cause of some disagreement in the research circuit. Nonetheless, the American Cancer Society firmly believes that further research must be done immediately before drawing any kind of conclusion, particularly in saying that the hair dyes are cancerous in nature. Resorcinol is another known chemical that can be found in hair colors. It has been known as an endocrine disrupting chemical that has the ability to elevate the risk of breast cancer by simply distracting the natural balance of the hormones in the body.


Again and again, a considerable measure of people who are adversely affected by hair colors have been accounted for to experience the ill effects of red rashes on their scalp. The rashes will really show up in a similar place where the hair color was connected to, and additionally to the regions that is presented to the color. In the event that you encounter this, promptly visit a dermatologist, so the hypersensitivity will be dealt with at the earliest opportunity to counteract encourage confusions.


A lot of studies have shown that hairstylist who have a much higher exposure to hair colors are more vulnerable in acquiring skin allergies, as well as contract with asthma. This work-related asthma is the result of continuous exposure to PPD that can be found in hair dyes and even in persulfates used in some bleaches. This exposure has the ability to sensitize their airway passage and makes it a lot difficult for them to breathe.

Hidden costs

Some of the hair dyes that can be purchase in the market are affordable but cannot be fully trusted, which may lead to some complications that may create a hole in your pockets. In order to avoid this, you have to consult your stylist first about the initial costs, as well as the price that it will take you in order to keep the hair color for your desired period of time. Be wise and careful and buying hair dyes.


You have to take a good care of your health before everything else, which includes your physical looks. Always know the side effects of the things that you are about to do in order to prevent adverse and worst side effects to you and your entire health. Be mindful and extra careful about anything. Start to live a healthy life by consuming adequate amounts of fruits and vegetables that will make you a lot beautiful both inside and out. Share this to your family and friends to help them and to make them informed, as well. We hope that this article have helped you out!

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