Drink This Every Night and Say Goodbye to Belly Fat!

One of the most versatile household ingredients, apple cider vinegar, is abundant in health benefits. For one thing, it boosts your metabolism while reducing blood sugar levels. By regulating your blood sugar, ACV actually lowers insulin secretion in your body.

When it comes to weight loss, this common kitchen ingredient is extremely beneficial as it contains acids and catalysts which not only promote fat-burning, but also suppress appetite, all of which leads to weight loss.

According to Catherine Champagne, a scientist at Louisiana State University Pennington Biomedical Research Center, only a small reduction in body weight can considerably improve your health on many levels – it improves your heart rate, reduces bad cholesterol, and keeps your glucose levels balanced. Plus, the risk of many serious diseases including diabetes, heart disease, and even cancer decreases by large.

The amazing health benefits of ACV were known since ancient times. In fact, it was in the scripts of the ancient Babylonians of 5,000 years ago that the health benefits of apple cider vinegar were first mentioned.


The best thing about this drink is that it’s to a great degree valuable, and in addition simple to make. Just, include 1-3 teaspoons of apple cider vinegar in a glass of tepid water. You can likewise include a teaspoon of honey. For ideal weight reduction comes about, drink this twice per day, before breakfast and before supper.

Additionally, make sure to utilize natural, unpasteurized and unfiltered ACV, which is effectively discernable by the grainy substance at the base of the jug. Actually, this grainy substance is known as the ″mother″ and it packs all the fundamental supplements.

Taking this effortlessly arranged home cure will check your unfortunate sustenance longings while fortifying the fat-consuming procedure.

There are different ways how you can consolidate ACV in your eating routine. For example, you can add vinegar in your coffee, tea or soft drinks, yet know that such blends can be significantly more acidic and your stomach will most likely be unable to this. On the other hand, include a couple of tablespoons of ACV in a container of water and take this wherever you go. This is to a great degree helpful and valuable in the meantime, as you will have the capacity to drink this fat-consuming formula for the duration of the day.

NOTE: Be careful not to devour undiluted ACV on the grounds that it’s exceedingly acidic. The solid acids can really harm you tooth polish and in addition your stomach lining.


It only takes a couple of weeks to see the first results. In fact, this recipe acts slowly, but effectively. During the treatment, you will experience other health benefits apart from weight loss. For one thing, your immune system will be strengthened, your digestion improved and you won’t have the rebound effect most diets give.


The word ‘vinegar’ comes from the Latin words vinum (wine) and acer (sour), through the French word ‘vynegre’ meaning sour wine.

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