Follow This One-Week Diet Plan to Lose 15 Lbs Naturally at Home

The individuals who are attempting to lose abundance body weight have attempted practically everything from cruel eating regimens to high-force practice designs. In any case, the weight reduction process is frequently exceptionally precarious. Fortunately, we have arranged the best tips and eating regimen arrange for that will enable you to get in shape quick and productively. This week after week eating routine arrangement will urge the body to consume more fat and it will likewise accelerate your digestion.

Few Diet Rules

  • Never skip breakfast
  • Stay away from soft drinks, too much caffeine, and processed foods because they are abundant in sugar
  • Avoid eating after 8 pm
  • Make sure you weigh yourself before you start the diet so that you can make a comparison with your weight after the 7-day diet

The Health Benefits of the Diet

  • Allows you to lose weight in a healthy way
  • The diet is abundant in fruits, veggies, and water
  • It will improve your bowel movements

The One-Week Diet

Day no.1- Fruit day

You should only eat fruits throughout the whole day, that is, for breakfast, lunch, and dinner; except bananas. You can opt for papayas, apples, pineapples, etc.

Day no.2- Veggie day

Amid this day, you ought to have veggies for breakfast, supper, and lunch. Start the day with cooked potatoes so that the carbs would breakdown be able to amid the day. You ought to incorporate vegetables rich in fiber, for example, broccoli and beans. Eat them in plates of mixed greens, soups, or steamed.

Day no.3- Fruit and veggie day

At the third day of the diet, you should make a combination of the foods from day 1 and day 2. But, avoid bananas and potatoes.

Day no.4- Milk and banana day

Eat milk and bananas as it were. You can eat up to 10 bananas and 3 glasses of milk .

Day no.5- Feast day

You ought to eat lean meat on this day. For instance, lean chicken or fish filets and in addition up to 8 tomatoes. You should drink more water, that is, from 12 to 15 glasses, so as to support the expulsion of uric corrosive created by the body because of the admission of meat.

Day no.6- Red meat and veggies

For lunch, you can eat cooked red meat of your choosing and as much as veggies as you want.

Day 7- Rice and veggies

You can eat cooked brown rice for lunch mixed with steamed veggies of your choosing. On this day, you can eat one potato only and consume fresh fruit or veggie juices.

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