This Is One of The Biggest Cancer Causing Foods- Stop Eating It!

Hot dogs are the favorite meal of millions of people, especially in the United States. However, being popular does not equal healthy. The scariest part is that children are the ones that particularly enjoy eating this extremely unhealthy food.

Each mid year, American residents eat around 7 billion wieners. Be that as it may, aside from their scrumptious taste, franks are to a great degree unsafe garbage sustenance. For the most part, the generation of franks incorporates pork, hamburger and chicken meat, yet the whole procedure additionally includes different stays of creatures, similar to skin, fat, legs, and hooks, and in addition various added substances like salt, corn syrup, monosodium glutamate, with a specific end goal to enhance the taste.These added substances vary between nations. However, the most sickening thing about them is the way toward making of monosodium glutamate and carmine flavors, which originate from the shells of little bugs, bubbled in alkali and sodium carbonate!

Labels never list the additives, so you can never be sure what comes together with your hot dog. This is quite scary, isn’t it?

Additionally, one research found that handled meat raises the odds of creating pancreatic malignancy by up to 67%! Specifically, this meat includes added substances like nitrites and nitrates, which are to a great degree hazardous fixings that expansion the danger of pancreatic, entrail, bladder, and stomach cancer.

According to the American Institute For Cancer Research, only one hot dog may raise the risk of colorectal cancer by 21%! Shocking!

The video below will explain the entire process of production of this hazardous, cancer-causing food:


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